The UC Berkeley Suite is a set of Java libraries and applications developed at UC Berkeley to facilitate our use of They have been developed with consideration for their use at other institutions.

Collaboration services for this project, including a bug/feature/support tracker, forums, source code revision control, etc. are on the SourceForge project page.


  • XFOM is a library for reading, writing, and manipulating XFDL (PureEdge) e-forms. It provides an object model for XFDL.
  • FormFiller/FormChecker is a web application for working with application packages. At the beginning of the application lifecycle, one would visit FormFiller to get an application pacakge with key information (e.g. contact information for the Authorized Organizational Representative and contact information for the Principal Investigator) pre-filled. Before submitting the application to, one would run the package through the FormChecker to validate it against rules that are specific to the sponsoring agency or the applicant institution.