Customizing the Filler/Checker application involves files adding files to the WAR file. The following files are recognized by the application:

  • /css/local-style.css

    Add this file to override look and feel for the application. At UC Berkeley, we use this to brand the site with our school colors.

  • /js/wizard-local.js

    Add this file to customize the FormFiller wizard. At UC Berkeley, we use this to add the "Select PI" tab and the associated interaction code.

  • /WEB-INF/classes/fillerchecker-extension.xml

    Add this file to create additional services within the back-end. This includes filler (i.e. implements PureEdgeFormFiller) and checker (i.e. implements PureEdgeValidator) plugins, and also additional remote services for use within the user interface. At UC Berkeley, we use this to add institution-specific checks, set the parameters for filling institutional information, and provide logic for mapping our campus directory to the structures expected by the "Select PI" page.

See Berkeley's Filler/Checker application for an example of how to overlay files onto the default WAR using Maven's WAR overlay functionality.